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My hair has been doing this Stepford wives thing lately and I can’t stop it or re-direct in the messy way that I’d prefer it to go. I curl it like always, try to make it edgy and it just turns perfectly under into this big curl and then tells me to go pick up the house because it’s filthy. I’ve just decided to give up on anything other than this very polished look, since there is no fighting it. Turns out that I tend to dress a bit More feminine with my hair curled like this. But I mean if my hair is calling the shots and it’s pretty skirts and heels then who am I to argue with that?
So I’m not much of an online shopper. Probably because I’m an instant gratification kind of a girl and I like the experience of shopping; touching the fabric, trying it on, getting the right size, etc. But I’ve heard people rave aboutASOSand I thought you know what? Let’s try it. Here is what I learned: size up one size or if that scares you, order two sizes and send back the one that doesn’t fit. They have free returns and it’s very easy to send it back. Second thing I learned? Use the express 2 day shipping if you want your order fast and if you order over $140 then use the free express code: EXPRESSUSA. I did not do this and it took almost two weeks to arrive. (I always go for cheaper shipping and I didn’t know about the code until it was too late.) I was like a kid waiting on Christmas, every day checking the mail to see if my package had been delivered. Well, yesterday Christmas came early andalmosteverything fit with the one size up rule. Anyways, just some thoughts onASOSif you’ve ever wanted to shop but didn’t know about their sizing or shipping.
Just making the world an easier place to shop since 1984.
F21 Crop Top
ASOS Floral Midi Skirt
DV Sandals(on sale!)
Madewell Leather Tote
Gorjana Bracelet
Michael Kors Sunglasses